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Mold-B-Gone is a top choice in Atlanta for mold testing and mold remediation. With over two decades of experience and thousands of successful homes, Mold-B-Gone is a leading mold inspection, remediation, and enviromental consulting company for Altanta, Georgia and surrounding areas. Mold-B-Gone will send our Certified Mold Inspector for all Mold and Indoor Air Quality Testing using our state-of-the-art testing equipment and third party certified testing labs.

Out certified staff is committed to unsurpassed customer satisfaction, professional and knowledgeable consulting, and growing Mold-B-Gone to be Atlanta, Georgia's leader in enviromental science and microbial abatement.

Mold is a natural living organism in the Southeast. It exists in the air in the form of microscopic spores that move in and out of buildings through doors, windows, vents, HVAC systems and anywhere else where air can enter. Call or E-mail us to have one of our certified mold inspectors assess the overall condition of your home.

Mold Inspection Process

1) For only $169.00 we send a certified mold inspector to the property to do a full inspection, visual, and manual assessment.

2) Next, for only $60.00 per room, we will take air samples to check if there is mold in the air. We then check for possible water intrusion points that may lead to mold, and take non-invasive moisture level measurements.

3) We take photographs of mold specimen sources and attach them to your Mold Report and your Mold Remediation Estimate.

4) We use moisture readers to detect moisture damage to drywall, insulation and other materials in your property.

5) Within 2-3 business days, we provide you with a detailed report of the lab results. This report will advise on:

  1) Whether there is mold;
  2) Severity of the mold growth rate;
  3) The recommended remediation steps to remove the mold;
  4) Instructions to prevent mold from reoccuring.

Mold-B-Gone Offers:

Residential Mold Inspections
Commercial Mold Inspections
Air Quality Testing
Commercial Mold Removal
Residential Mold Removal
Home or Business Sanitizing
Crawlspace Vapor Barriers